We build complete power plants such as boilers, gas turbines, steam turbines, generators ” relevant accessories, condensators, balance of plant, piping, electrical filters, denox, desox, steel structures and other parts concerning mechanical works.

We do prefabrication and erection of gas and oil pipelines, launching and receiving traps, with welding and coating, excavations, back filling areas, restoration and cathodic protection. We build tanks in petrochemical industry.

Our multi value experience includes also the knowledge of Cement plants, in which we execute erections of kilns, kilns transition pieces, cement mills, raw mills, electrostatic precipitators, cooling towers, palletizings, bulk loadings, blending sheds and all other parts needed to complete a mechanical works.

We carry out works of different kinds of material referred to various codes like ASTM/ASME, DIN, EN, etc.